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My name is Joe Marks and I build video platforms for businesses.  One video can help, but many can change your business.  Feel free to reach out for a discussion or presentation to see how I can help you, and reach your goals.

Click Bandit Creative is a video production and video marketing solution based in the Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area, in the great state of Minnesota. Click Bandit Creative offers full production video services for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

In my professional career, I have accumulated over 40 million organic views for my clients. Views were not paid for, however sought out for their value in both information and entertainment.

I founded Click Bandit Creative in the summer of 2017 to expand my clientele and offer my platform services to a variety of industries. My professional experience spans over a decade and includes projects that have taken me across the Midwest.

My mission is to change the playing field for local Minnesota-based businesses who want to grow their business utilizing video and video marketing.

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Owner & Video Producer

I gained experience as a videographer and video marketer through building and maintaining successful YouTube channels for local and regional car dealerships, but my skills transfer to all business. My work consistently places as the Most Viewed videos on my clients YouTube Channels, and drive traffic to their website through proven tactics on the worlds second most popular search engine.

My videos have raised awareness for products and services above and beyond what my clients thought they would receive. I have a proven track record of bringing positive attention to multiple YouTube channels for businesses in Minnesota.

I have a long history working with salespeople, marketers, decision-makers, and business leaders. I've helped shaped presentations for many clients who are new to being on camera, and built strong relationships during the process.

I'm also an avid fisher, hunter, and general outdoorsman, who also enjoys a wonderful home cooked meal.

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